Tommy Garcia

On February 1993, Tommy Garcia suffered the loss of his younger sister Susan. Her tragic death was the catalyst and inspiration of this search for the whole truth surrounding Tommy and Susie’s lives. Love has been the driving force in our research. The search for truth is the journey. Justice is our destination.

By Tommy Garcia & Lori Garcia

In 1962, Tommy Garcia, an 8-year-old Catholic boy, arrived in Philadelphia with his birth mother, 3-year-old sister Susie, and a woman known as Louise. All had driven together from Los Angeles. Tommy was dropped off at the entrance of the Divine Lorraine Hotel, and told to take Susie inside to the cafeteria.

He did not see his mother again for nearly two years. The next morning, Tommy and Susie Garcia were taken by limousine to a massive estate, Woodmont, in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania. Susie was taken away crying, and Tommy did not see her for over two years. He was ushered in to the private study of Father Divine.

It is here that the charismatic leader of the Peace Mission Movement said to Tommy, “It has come to my attention Tommy that no one wants you. I want you Tommy. I care about you. If you agree, you will live with me here at Woodmont, and I will take care of you for the rest of your life.”

This speech haunted and confused the impressionable young boy. His heart pounding, he was thinking that something was terribly wrong. In his minds eye, he pictured the orphanages from the TV program East Side Kids. He looked at the peculiar configuration of people in the room–

Father Divine, Mother Divine, surrounded by their secretaries who were rapidly writing every word down in notepads — and said, “yes.” And so began his life as the son of Father Divine.

Tommy Garcia

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